Vantage Point Energy Corp.

Wellsite Supervision


Wayne Rodwell

The level of experience and certifications indicates the advanced expertise with drilling and exploration.


Safety in the work environment is of the utmost importance and abiding to company policies.

Wellsite Supervisor


Latest operations were drilling horizontal wells in southeast Saskatchewan for Crescent Point Energy.

Performed Wellsite supervision duties on numerous SAGD pads (new and active pads).  Worked with directional companies to insure the well pairs were on the planned targets.  Assisted with new drilling technology and experimentations on SAGD wells.  Discussed and reviewed procedures to be added to the recommended drilling practices.  Worked with Cenovus Safety to maintain high safety standards on the worksite.


Performed Wellsite supervision duties for various prime contractors in central and northern Alberta before working with Cenovus.


Drilling Coordinator


Performed coordinating duties and assisted planning with multiple rigs and contractors on Cenovus OSE winter projects on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.  Completed the Cenovus main OSE projects as well as the added “Ipiatik” Joint Partnership project, completed under budget and ahead of schedule.  Coordinated 3 to 4 SAGD pad rigs.

Rig Manager


Performed rig managing duties while with Precision Drilling.  Completed multi-well projects throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and northern British Columbia.


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